Most of the museums are open from 10 am to 6 pm, and closed on Monday. Last admission is usually 30 minutes before closing. The large museums have foreign language guides and their shops carry foreign language publications. Most museums accept the Budapest Card for free entry. "Museums in Budapest" is the best museum guide. 


Please find a little list of the most important Museums of Budapest - we have collected some very useful links for you in English:



Hungarian National Museum The museum tries to wholly introduce science, history, and arts, their main goal being the service of the public. Also presents the most beautiful and precious works of art from the acquisitions of the previous year annually at a temporary exhibition.

Museum of Applied Arts Having built for the famous World Exhibition in 1872, the building itself is a masterpiece. Various exhibitions await you from the past and future craftsman - it worth having a look!

Museum of Fine Arts The freshly renovated breath-takingly beautiful building is for the real lovers of Arts. The most professional contemporary exhibitions and various featured events are taking place in the heart of Hungarian art.


Műcsarnok - Kunsthalle Located at the mighty Heroes’ Square, Műcsarnok is a must. Lately the museum has started to make serious efforts to bring the greatest exhibitions or the worlds’ fine art masterpieces - so you may find the works of the greatest artist amongst the contemporary exhibitions.


Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum you want to see how our greatest musician, Ferenc Liszt has lived and worked? Enjoy concerts in the Maesto’s own home.


Museum of Ethnography visit the always changing, colorful exhibitions and events of the museum! If you wish to see how Hungarian ancestors lived, and how they still live in some hidden little villages, it is definitely a place for you to see.


Palace of Arts The brand new building mainly focuses on classical music with its’ high-technology, modern concert hall - but you can see various exhibitions of fine arts, photographs and some thematic exhibitions too on great musicians of Hungary


House of Future Do you want to see the unbelievable? Or want to experience a Mars landing? Would you enjoy a robotic guide throughout a futuristic, interactive exhibition? Choose House of Future, and plan at least 6 hours for this tour - you will simply not be able to leave earlier.


Palace of Miracles If you are traveling with children, do not miss this adventure. This is an interactive playground with the miracles of physics, multimedia, science - you will enjoy it just like your kids!


House of Terror If you are still curious about what has happened behind the iron curtain, be brave enough and visit the House of terror. You can see shocking evidences and articles on the two terror regimes in , and the East-European block.





Statue Park After the fall of the communist regime, plenty of statues had to be removed from the streets. This is the world's only such collection from the period of communist cultural politics. It's the most exciting outdoor museum in Eastern Europe .